B2B e bike repair service

We collect bike data.

...to consistently learn all about components, driving behavior, and weather conditions. This data helps us consider the supply chain in order to plan repairs and to provide spare parts at an early stage.


Our bikes are maintained on a regular basis. We don’t see a need in long coordination processes. Our bills are transparent, and reports of our repair service can easily be created.


We know everything about our built-in components. We can avoid consequential damages by making calculated predictions.

Safety First.

We know about the risks when being on the road. We know that since bicycles are becoming more and more essential, they must live up to the highest safety requirements. We keep a daily record of every repair cycle a bike went through.


The value of a working bike is increasing steadily. By synchronizing our data with manufactory information, we make sure the bikes are continually on the streets in favor of your income. We always know exactly what state the bikes are in and when they need to be repaired. We also keep track on necessary UVV inspection dates.

For us, the safety of the bikers is of highest importance – only completely safe bikes will be approved.

Bicycles have become workhorses - or rather, that's how they are used. Through our analysis of valid data and repair cycles, as well as mileage data from manufacturers, we don't just repair bikes when they break. We consistently know in which condition the bikes are, when they were last repaired, or when the necessary UVV inspection was issued.

For us, the safety of the riders is paramount - no bike goes on the road without clearance.

Maintenance your fleet.