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Our Bike.

Designed and developed in Germany, build in Portugal. Components are secured at multiple times in order to avoid delivery bottlenecks.

Rock Solid

Our bike is stable. We have a background in repairs and maintenance of B2B bikes. With our expertise and experience we have brought our bike on the road.


Our bike parts are carefully selected. It is extremely important to us to connect high quality segments with interchangeable components to guarantee the longest possible use of our bikes.


Our bike lives up to the highest safety standards - two equivalent brakes, high visibility in traffic, as well as an extremely stable battery.

  • Hydraulic Rim Breaks - Magura

    Hydraulic Rim Breaks - Magura

    Ergonomic and powerful.

    The enormous braking power, as well as the precise dosage of the HS11, ensure maximum safety in the urban jungle. The lever is ergonomically optimized and provides a unique braking feel.

  • 250W Mid Motor - Bafang

    250W Mid Motor - Bafang

    Powerful and easy to maintain.

    With a rated power of 250W and a maximum torque of 80Nm, this motor offers a smooth and comfortable ride. The mid-mounted motor ensures the highest level of safety, even in difficult weather conditions.

  • Heavy Duty Hub - Enviolo

    Heavy Duty Hub - Enviolo

    The HEAVY DUTY hub is designed for heavier loads. It is ideal for transporting heavy loads over longer distances.

    Max nominal torque 100Nm.
    Max gross vehicle weight 250kg.

  • 15Ah LiFePO4 Battery - AES

    15Ah LiFePO4 Battery - AES

    Cold-resistant & cobalt-free.

    Consists of robust, recyclable plastic.

    Robust and safe (no thermal runaway).
    Extremely reliable and short charging time. Cells are individually replaceable.

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