The N°3 S

Customized for Market Needs

Dependable with Minimal Upkeep

In-Depth Knowledge and User Understanding

Premium-Quality Materials

Locally Manufactured 

Eco-Friendly Practices

Comprehensive Long-Term Guarantees

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The N°3 L - for more payload

Save operating costs with durable components.

  • Extreme Hub - Enviolo

    The EXTREME hub is optimized for companies that want to take their heavy lifting to the next level. The perfect sustainable and maintenance-free solution for freight transportation. Max nominal torque 100Nm. Max gross vehicle weight 300kg. Ratio range: 380%.

  • Robust Frame - SMARTVÉLO

    Ergonomic geometry of our frame for optimal sitting position

    Frame supports up to 200 kg weight (bike, rider & payload). Service can be done with a conventional E-Bike repair stand.

  • Brake System - Fahrwerker

    The Fahrwerker braking system was developed to generate maximum braking force with a long service life - a reliable system for the mobility of tomorrow. Outstanding braking performance. Works with mineral oil. Smart bleed port for easy and quick service.

  • 15Ah LiFePO4 Battery - AES

    High-quality cobalt-free LifePO4 battery with a service life of min. 6 years with daily charging

    Non-flammable and thus no battery cabinet necessary

    Easy battery change due to plug-in design

    Individual cells are replaced in Germany

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