make it ride.

In our eyes the bicycle market seemed way to old-fashioned; over the time we heard a lot of negative feedback regarding service and support of mechanical workshops. “Why don’t we offer a bike repair pick-up service?” we thought. Thus, an idea was born, and our journey began. After a test phase that was implemented at short notice and that we successfully passed, a master mechanic was hired, we converted a vacant building into a repair shop and founded the first GbR. The demand was huge!

We quickly realized the potential of the B2B bike market. Supply chains that need to maintain and repair their bikes on a regular basis. The first partnerships and service contracts were signed.

After repairing several e-bike fleets we were asked to build our own bike. Motivated by the experience we gained the first version of our bike was ready to go (well, ride) in November 2021.

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We are aware of the responsibility we bear. We create transportation opportunities. We create common goals and encourage and demand open communication. With feedback from all stakeholders such as riders, buyers, developers and investors, we manage to keep on mashing. We are looking at how bikes can become more sustainable and how we can prevent supply routes from Asia. We take into consideration recycling programs and the choose suppliers and partners carefully. We hold our promises.


Quality awareness is very important to us. Bikes and the people who ride them have to be protected at all costs, that’s why we use preventive damage detection.

Our tracking system lets us know when it's time for a safety check and when components need to be replaced in time. The materials and oils we use meet the highest safety and quality standards. In many cases accidents including bikes are due to neglected maintenance. We offer ergonomic bikes, training for bike users, a visit to our hubs at least one time a week in order to maintain the bikes.

Our goal is to improve bike infrastructure and politics and to cooperate with city governments to maintain safety for everyone on the street.


We are always at the cutting edge of technology and trends. We chase the question of how our bikes and our service can become even smarter, whether it's data management or tracking components. We sense the needs of the industry and are close to the action. We think ahead and don't stop at the bicycle. We have the ambition to be part of the big picture.