make it ride.

"Why not offer a pick-up and delivery service for bicycle repairs?" From this question, and an old club transformed into a bike workshop, SMARTVÉLO was born.

We quickly recognized the untapped potential of the B2B bicycle market. After earning a reputation through thousands of repairs for E-bike fleets, the next logical question arose: "Why not build our own E-bikes?"

Today, we're proud to have over a thousand SMARTVÉLO bicycles on German streets. As an end-to-end provider for last-mile delivery, we offer not just our own E-bikes but also fleet maintenance and data solutions. Every bicycle we craft stands for reliability and our commitment to keeping them on the road as long as possible.

Designed in Germany. Built in Portugal. Ride SMARTVÉLO.

Supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

We are proud to announce that our developments in sustainable mobility are funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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We recognize the weight of our responsibility. By forging transportation avenues and fostering a collective vision, we champion open dialogue at every level. With invaluable insights from riders, buyers, developers, and investors, we relentlessly push forward. Our focus isn’t just on producing bikes; it's on enhancing their sustainability. We are actively exploring alternatives to Asian supply routes, integrating robust recycling initiatives, and handpicking suppliers and partners who share our ethos. Our word is our bond.


We hold quality awareness in the highest regard. Our priority? The safety of our bikes and their riders. Our preemptive damage detection system allows us to stay ahead of wear and tear, signaling when it’s time for a safety inspection or component replacement. Every material and oil we employ adheres to the most rigorous safety and quality benchmarks. Sadly, many bike-related accidents stem from overlooked maintenance. We counteract this with ergonomically designed bikes, comprehensive rider training, and weekly hub visits for bike upkeep. Our larger vision encompasses enhancing bike infrastructure and policies. By partnering with city administrations, we're committed to ensuring the safety of every road user.


We're constantly on the forefront of technological advancements and emerging trends. Relentlessly, we seek ways to make our bikes and services smarter, from advanced data analytics to sophisticated component tracking. Our pulse is always on the industry's heartbeat, placing us right at the epicenter of innovation. We're not just focused on the present; we envision the broader scope, aspiring to shape the grand narrative.